Oct. 15, 2001
(Third Monday)
Web Services Technologies

Sept. 17, 2001
(Third Monday)
Web Services Introduction

Jun. 18, 2001
(Third Monday)
Delphi 6
Geoffery Goetz, Systems Engineer, Borland Software

May. 21, 2001
(Third Monday)
No regular meeting

Apr. 23, 2001
(Fourth Monday)
Andy Stewart, Worcester Linux Users' Group

Mar. 22, 2001
(Third Monday)
Oracle and XML
Tom Laszewski, Senior Principal Consultant, Oracle Corporation

Feb26. 22, 2001
(4th Monday)
.Net/Java/C# and the Delphi Developer
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems

Jan. 22, 2001
(4th Monday)
John Kaster, Borland Developer Relations

Dec. 18, 2000
(Third Monday)
No regular meeting

Nov. 20, 2000
(Third Monday)
InterBase - Open Source Database Server
InterBase, Inprise Inc.

Oct. 16, 2000
(Third Monday)
Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Windows Thin-Client Application Development
Corey Wood, Systems Engineer, Extended Systems, Inc.

Sep. 18, 2000
(Third Monday)
XML - Extensible Markup Language
Phil Storey, Application Engineer, Arbortext, Inc.

Aug. 21, 2000
No Regular Meeting

July 17, 2000
No Regular Meeting

July 8-12, 2000
11th Annual Inprise/Borland Conference, San Diego, CA

June. 26, 2000
(Fourth Monday)
No Regular Meeting

May 22, 2000
(Fourth Monday)
Kylix: Delphi and C++ Builder High Performance Application Development Environments for Linux
John Kaster, Developer Relations, Borland/Inprise Corporation

Apr. 24, 2000
(Fourth Monday)
Using Delphi to Develop Internet Server Applications
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing

March 20, 2000
Delphi Programming Techniques
Allaire Corporation

February 2000
No Regular Meeting

Jan. 24, 2000
(Fourth Monday)
Report PlugIns and Coding Tips
Chuck Schumacher, BizWare

Dec. 20, 1999
No Regular Meeting

Nov. 15, 1999
A Behind the Scenes Look At COM
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing
Oct. 18, 1999
JBuilder 3 - Java for the Delphi Developer
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems

Sep. 28, 1999
(Fourth Tuesday)
Scott Strool, Senior Sales Engineer, Inprise Corp.

Aug. 16, 1999
No Regular Meeting

July 19, 1999
No Regular Meeting

June 21, 1999
A Delphi Medical Application
Michael Bate, Radionics
Java for Delphi Developers
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems
May 17, 1999
Inprise Status Update
Peter Marquez, Inprise
Inprise Application Server
Paul McGee, Senior Engineer, Inprise
Apr. 26, 1999
(Fourth Monday)
Client/Server Programming Using the Web
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing

Mar. 15, 1999
A CORBA Primer
Distributed Computing

Andrew Watson, VP of Technology and Architecture Director, OMG

Feb. 22, 1999
(Fourth Monday)
Advantage Database Server
Trevor Wells, Extended Systems

Jan. 25, 1999
Report Writer Update
Manny Garcia, Fidelity Investments
Quick Reports Pro and Continuous Voice Recognition
Al Reinhart, DisCom Ssystems

Dec. 21, 1998
Dynamic Linked Libraries
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing

Nov. 16, 1998
Distributed Application Development and the Inprise VisiBroker Object Request Broker
Scott Strool, Inprise

Oct. 19, 1998
RoboHelp Help Authoring Software and Online Information Systems
David Locke, WordSmith, Lcd.

Sep. 21, 1998
Inprise Developers Conference
Al Reinhart DisCom Systems
Delphi 4 Native Code Internet Components
George Lambert, NetMasters, Inc.

Jun. 15, 1998
One-Step ActiveX, Code Insight, Delphi 4 Preview
Ray Konopka, Raize Software Solutions, Inc.

May 18, 1998
Multitier Application Architecture
Beth Gold-Bernstein, IllumiSys Corp.

Apr. 13, 1998
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems

Mar. 16, 1998
Multimedia Delphi Application Development
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing

Feb. 16, 1998
Delphi Development and Third Party Tools
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems

Jan. 19, 1998
Product Development with Delphi: Homesite - HTML Editor
Nick Bradbury, Allaire Corp.

Dec. 15, 1997
Web Application Development
Darren Forcier, Forcier Computers

Nov. 17, 1997
Object Oriented Databases
Dr.Sam DeFazio, Oracle Corp.

Oct. 20, 1997
SmartDebugging Component Based Software Environments
NuMegga Techologies

Sep. 15, 1997
Capability Maturity Model
Jim Perry, Integrated Systems Diagnostics

Aug. 18, 1997
Borland Developers Conference Report and JBuilder
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems

Jun 16, 1997
Native Delphi Internet Components
George Lambert, NetMasters Inc

May 19, 1997
Windows Sockets
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing

Apr. 28, 1997
Delphi 3 - First Impressions
Al Reinhart, DisCom Systems

Mar. 17, 1997
Object Databases and the World Wide Web
Mark Palmer, Object Design

Feb. 10, 1997
Object Oriented Libraries
Steve Carter, Travelin' Light;
Jean Ichbiah, Textware
Programming 32-bit Delphi
Ian Sharp, Database Programmers Retreat

Jan. 20 1997
Automated Client/Server Application Testing
SQA, Inc.
Delphi 3 Overview
Peter Marquez, Borland

Dec. 16, 1996
Multi-Tier Architecture - Modeling and Programming
Ming Lee Gee, Select Software Tools

Nov. 18, 1996
Developing Delphi Components
Howard Schutzman, Creative Computing
Mission Critical Delphi Applications
Jeff Katz, Whaling City Software

Oct. 21, 1996
Delphi 2 Visual Component Library
Rick Spence, Database Programmers Retreat

Sep. 16, 1996
Three Tier Client/Server Architecture
Christine Wan, Open Environment Corp.
Delphi Component Writing
Greg Lief, Object Lessons

Jul. 15, 1996
Delphi Report Writing
Robert Spector, Samovar Software

Jun. 17, 1996
Integrating Internet Technologies Into Delphi Applications
George Lambert, NetMasters Inc.

May 20, 1996
Delphi 16 to 32 Bit Migration
John Wright, Database Programmers Retreat

Apr. 15, 1996
Delphi and OLE Automation
Paul Bonner, Consultant/Author

Mar. 18, 1996
Multi User File Server Application Development
Jeff Katz, Whaling City Software

Feb. 19, 1996
Delphi Exception Handling
Eric Maddox, Pencil Pushers Software

Jan. 15, 1996
Client Server Application Development
Beth Gold-Bernstein, IllumiSys Corp.

Nov. 20, 1995
Delphi 32, Interbase, and The Borland Database Engine
Peter Marquez, Borland

Oct. 16, 1995
Object Pascal - The Language
Dave Stein, Pencil Pushers

Sep. 18, 1995
Visual Basic to Delphi Conversion
Delphi Database Components
Rich Lussier, Apogee Information Systems

Aug. 21, 1995
Delphi Application Development
Steve Carter
Delphi Components
Dana Kaufman, DSK Technology

Jul. 17, 1995
Delphi: Laying The Foundation
Dave Painer, Apogee Information Systems

Jun. 19, 1995
Delphi First Impressions

May 1995
Introduction To Delphi
Tom Stickle, Amber Consoldated